EQUINOX EC herbicide is a versatile, graminicide designed for post-emergence control of specific annual grasses and quackgrass in a variety of crops, including canola, chickpea, dry common beans, dry pea, flax, lentils, mustard, and sunflower.

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Active Ingredients: Tepraloxydim – Group 1

Crops: Canola, chickpea, dry common beans, dry pea, flax (including low linolenic acid varieties), lentils (including Clearfield Lentils), mustard (brown, oriental, and yellow), and sunflower.

Weeds Controlled: Green foxtail, wild oats, volunteer wheat, volunteer oats, quackgrass (30ac/case only).

Size: Case contains 1 x 3.24L Equinox jug and 1 x 8.1L jug of Merge

Acres Treated: 30-60ac/case

Product Condition: Wear and tear on the box. Jugs are unopened.