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Our Seed Services

Horizon Fertilizers partners with the market’s leading seed suppliers and helps growers understand the local needs on their farms. We handle four herbicide-tolerant systems (Round-up Ready, Liberty Link, Clearfield Canola, TrueFlex) and have access to numerous soybean, corn, and forage seed options.

Green soybean on the tree - Young soybean seeds on the plant

Seed Treatments



Increased availability of soil and fertilizer phosphate


Enhanced early vigour


Increased root growth


Higher yield potential



Early season control of cutworms


Improved control of emerging pests, such as striped flea beetles


Residual control up to 35 days’ protection from cutworms and flea beetles


Enhanced early season stand and vigour of canola

Fortenza Advanced


Early season control of cutworms (can be used with foliar products)


Covers cutworm pressure and numerous soil-borne diseases, including Rhizoctonia, Pythium, and Fusarium.

Seed Suppliers

Crop Nutrition

Dry Fertilizer

Our full-service dry fertilizer offerings include custom blends and delivery.

  • Custom application with Sulfur Fines
  • Access to S15, Super U, MESZ, Tiger Combo, Tiger 90, and many more

Our fertilizer suppliers include YARA, MOSAIC, PCS, KOCH, ESN, and CF INDUSTRIES.

Liquid Fertilizer

We carry a variety of liquid fertilizer products, including Commodity Liquid Fertilizers (28-0-0, 10-34-0, 15-0-0-20) and Controlled Release Nitrogen.

We also provide Alpine orthophosphate (6-22-2). Visit Alpine’s website for more information.

Anhydrous Ammonia

From equipment to applicators and nurse wagons to delivery units, you can count on us for superior field service, including delivery. We’ve been helping growers with their anhydrous ammonia needs for more than 20 years, and we’re always excited to help them prepare for the upcoming season.

Crop Protection

Field Scouting

We service the products we sell, which means our staff can assist with fungicide and herbicide advice, as well as spray timing and insect scouting.


With educated recommendations, we’re able to help our customers control disease in their crops. Contact us if you’re interested in discussing your options for disease control and weed pressure.