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Field Agronomics Program

It’s All About The Results

You’re invited to participate in Horizon Fertilizers Ltd.’s Field Agronomics Program

Our program focuses on using agronomic products and information from our retailers to increase yield and evaluate available options. Previous participants have found that information gleaned from their own farm, along with data harvested from other farms, goes a long way in evaluating the value of Horizon’s product offerings.

We incorporate the data and foster learning by offering crop tours, demo products, and preferential access to new technology. Then, at our Results Meeting, we summarize what we’ve found in a format that gives value to every participant. At the end of the year, we distribute a Results Book that reviews our findings. Additionally, the program is a great opportunity to connect with other growers and industry professionals while having a bit of fun.

The Horizon Fertilizers Ltd. Agronomics Program is open to any customer. To participate, products must be purchased from any of our locations (Humboldt, Bruno, Lake Lenore, Cudworth). Participants will be asked to register by providing their operation information, the strip tests they intend to perform, and the location of their plots. We’ll provide the weigh wagon service to collect the results. It’s the perfect chance to test a variety of agronomic tools.

Provisions have been made to make several products available to participating customers, including fungicide and foliar nutrient treatments for canola, peas, and cereal crops. We also have a number of tours and meetings planned that showcase a sprayer application clinic, a fungicide clinic, insect awareness, and scouting, research plots, and the Results Meeting.

Anyone, whether a participant or not, is welcome to visit any of our locations and examine the previous year’s Results Book. We’re excited about your participation in the program. It’s all about the results!