Horizon Fertilizers is thrilled to announce our partnership with Green Aero Tech, a pioneering leader in advanced farming solutions. Together, we take pride in introducing the revolutionary DJI Agras T40 spray drone to Central Saskatchewan, offering an innovative enhancement for your farm’s spray program.

While spray drones have been a tool in specialty agriculture for years, we previously had doubts about their suitability for broadacre fields. However, with the introduction of the T40 model, we believe there is a fit for our geography and customer base. This spray drone is poised to supplement farm logistics and promises a wide array of benefits for agricultural operations.

Key Advantages of the DJI Agras T40:
Efficiency Redefined: The DJI Agras T40 offers an average coverage rate of up to 40 ac/hr.
Practical Farming: Say goodbye to field tracks and compaction, as the DJI Agras T40 allows for applications on wet and rough terrain, providing unmatched flexibility and convenience.
On-Demand Operation: Unlike traditional custom applicators, the DJI Agras T40 is ready to spray precisely when you need it, giving you full control over your farming schedule.

Features at a Glance:
Efficient Spraying: Cover 30-foot (11-meter) swaths at an impressive rate of up to 2 US gallons per acre (7.5 liters/acre).
Spray and Spread: Equipped with a 10.5 US gallon (40-liter) spray tank and an optional 18.5 US gallon (50 kg) spreader.
Water Resistant: An IPX6K water and dust-resistant design ensures this drone is ready to perform in various weather conditions.
Fast Application: Capable of covering up to 40 acres per hour with fully autonomous flight planning.
Advanced Nozzles: Utilizes a dual atomization centrifugal spraying system for precise and efficient application.
Object Avoidance: Incorporates omnidirectional radar vision, obstacle sensing, and navigation for safe and accurate operations.

We understand that adopting this innovative technology may bring questions and challenges. That’s where our trusted partner, Green Aero Tech, comes into play. They offer comprehensive support for DJI Agras T40 operators, including training, regulation assistance, real-time support, and an extensive inventory of parts and accessories to ensure smooth operations. Additionally, three of our Horizon Fertilizers staff members are trained and ready to provide assistance.

As a certified Green Aero Tech dealer, Horizon Fertilizers will offer full T40 drone packages, including parts and accessories, to our valued customers. Please note that, at this time, we are focused on equipment sales, and custom spray application services are not available.

Horizon Fertilizers and Green Aero Tech are committed to delivering top-tier service and helping you increase your farming efficiency and productivity. Stay tuned for drone demonstration announcements in the near future!

About Green Aero Tech:
At Green Aero Tech, we’re more than just drone enthusiasts – we’re farmers as well. With a wealth of experience mapping over a million acres, we possess a profound understanding of cutting-edge agricultural technology. Our dynamic team is at the forefront of modern farming solutions, specializing in drone technology, training, and comprehensive support. Leveraging our deep-rooted farming expertise, we are your ideal partner in enhancing your agricultural practices.

For more information about Green Aero, please visit their website at https://spray.greenaerotech.com/. Resources and more information on the T40 drone can be found on the DJI website: https://www.dji.com/ca/t40.