The following information was part of the 2023 Provincial Disease Update presentation given by Dr. Alireza Akhavan (Provincial Plant Disease Specialist) on March 2nd, 2023.


Prevalence: The total number of cases of a disease in a given population at a specific time. For example, If there were 100 fields sampled and a disease was found in 70 of them, the prevalence is 70%.

Incidence: The number or proportion of diseased plants in a population. For example, if there were 25 plants sampled and 5 were found to have disease, the incidence is 20%.

Severity: How impacted the plant is by the disease, measured on a specified scale. For example, in the pea surveys the scale was 1-7, with one being healthy.

Canola Diseases

Sclerotinia Stem Rot 

  • Prevalence: 56% of crops surveyed had at least trace levels of sclerotinia.
  • Incidence: 6% averaged across all fields with 0.18 severity.
  • Incidence: 11% average across infected fields with 0.32 severity.


  • Prevalence: 73% of crops surveyed had at least trace levels of blackleg.
  • Incidence: 11% average across all fields with 0.16 severity.
  • Incidence: 15% average across infected fields with 0.22 severity.

Aster Yellows

  • Present in 26% of fields surveyed.

Alternaria Black Spot

  • Present in 51% of fields surveyed.

Verticillium Stripe

  • Not found in the general canola disease survey.
  • In a targeted verticillium survey, 16 out of 25 fields were found with suspect samples (they’re currently being confirmed at U of M).
    • Prevalence: 64%
    • Incidence: 9.7%


  • 6 new fields confirmed for clubroot.
  • Over 521 fields were part of the clubroot monitoring program province wide.
Lentil Diseases


  • Present in 78% of lentil crops with an average incidence of 26%.


  • Present in 11% of fields with an average incidence of 0.8%.

Root Rot Complex

  • Present in 65% of fields.

Aschochyta Blight

  • Present in 5% of fields with an average incidence of 0.1%.
Field Pea Diseases

Mycosphaerella / Aschochyta Complex

  • Present in 100% of fields surveyed.
  • Incidence: 60%
  • Severity: 1.8 / 7 (one is healthy)

Bacterial Blight

  • Present in 41% of fields.
  • Incidence: 17%

Root Rot Complex

  • Present in 95% of surveyed fields.
  • Incidence: 60%
  • Severity: 2.3 / 7
Cereal Diseases

Fusarium Head Blight

151 samples taken

  • 72% of barley, 73% of wheat, and 82% of durum samples had at least one suspected fusarium damaged kernel.