Rush 24 Drum Co-Pack


Rush 24 is an in-crop herbicide that controls a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds including kochia, cleavers and wild buckwheat (including Group 2 resistant biotypes) in spring wheat, durum wheat and barley.

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Active Ingredients: Fluoxypyr – Group 4, 2,4-D– Group 4

Crops: Barley, Wheat, Durum, Oats, Rye, Corn

Weeds Controlled: Cleavers, field horsetail, flixweed, kochia, plantain, stinkweed, wild buckwheat, wild mustard, volunteer flax, volunteer canola, sweet clover, lamb's quarter's, and more.

Size: 115.2L + 117.6L Barrels (co-pack)

Acres Treated: 480ac/co-pack

Product Condition: Unopened drums.

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