Rexade™ herbicide is the complete wheat herbicide – a unique all-in-one solution delivering pure performance through convenient grass and broadleaf weed control in wheat.

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Active Ingredients: Pyroxsulam – Group 2, Halauxifen – Group 4, 2,4-D – Group 4

Crops: Wheat

Weeds Controlled: Wilds Oats, Barnyard grass, Japanese Brome, Downy Brome, Green Foxtail, Annual Sow-Thistle, Wild Buckwheat, Canada thistle, Cleavers, Dandelion, Flixweed, Hempnettle, Kochia, Round-leaved mallow, Smartweed, Volunteer Canola, White Cockle, Volunteer Alfalfa and many more.

Size: A case contains 1 x 1.62kg jug of Rexade A and 1 x 8.58L jug Rexade B.

Acres Treated: 40ac/case

Product Condition: Wear and tear on boxes, but the jugs are unopened and in good condition.

Programming Perks: Rexade purchases made after September 1st, 2023 will *likely* qualify for the 2024 Flex+ Rewards program under the cross-spectrum herbicide category.

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