PrePass XC


As a pre-seed and fall herbicide, nothing hits weeds harder or lasts longer than PrePass™ XC herbicide for wheat, barley and oats. Get residual control of weeds like volunteer canola, dandelion, cleavers, and more.

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Active Ingredients: Florasulam – Group 2, Glyphosate – Group 9

Crops: Barley, Wheat, Oats

Timing: Pre-seed or fall applied

Weeds Controlled: Volunteer canola, cleavers, dandelion, hemp-nettle, kochia, narrow-leaved hawks beard, lambs-quarters, scentless chamomile, smartweed, wild buckwheat, and more.

Size: A case contains 1 x 1.6L jug of PrePass A and 2 x 7.5L jugs of Prepass B

Acres Treated: 40ac/case

Product Condition: Wear and tear on boxes, but the jugs are unopened and in great condition.

Programming Perks: PrePass XC purchases made after September 1st, 2023 will *likely* qualify for the 2024 Flex+ Rewards program under the pre-seed herbicide category.

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