NutriClaw is a soil amendment product designed to promote micronutrient uptake in plants. NutriClaw can be applied directly to the soil prior to any crop. With solubility within a 2.0-12.0 pH range, it can be mixed and applied with most fertilizers and micronutrients.

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Guaranteed Analysis: 12% Humic acid, 1% threonine amino acid, 0.79% lysine amino acid

Ingredients: 12% potassium humate derived from leonardite ore and blended with amino acids.

Crops: All crops

Product information: NutriClaw is a 12% solutionized modified potassium humate. The humate is derived from the plant active portions of leonardite ore. The humate is blended with amino acids to aid and enhance the productivity of the soil.

Size: 10L Jug

Application Rate: 1-2L/ac when applied as a foliar spray.

Acres Treated: 10-20ac/jug

Product Condition: New, unopened jugs.

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