Combat blackleg in canola and tough leaf diseases in cereals with Nexicor. Offering enhanced, broad-spectrum disease control and increased yield potential, thanks to proven Plant Health Benefits. With three potent modes of action, including the unique mobility of Xemium®, Nexicor ensures consistent and continuous crop protection.

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Active Ingredients: Propiconazole - Group 3, Fluxapyroxad - Group 7, Pyraclostrobin – Group 11

Crops: Barley, Oats, Rye, Triticale, Wheat, Canola

Diseases treated: Net blotch, scald, stripe rust, spot blotch, blackleg, crown rust, septoria leaf blotch, tan spot.

Size: 8.0L jug

Acres Treated: 40/jug

Product Condition: Unopened jug.

Programming Perks: Nexicor purchases made after October 1st, 2023 will qualify growers for the 2024 BASF Ag Rewards program under the cereal fungicide segment.

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