Lance WDG


Stay ahead of crop diseases like sclerotinia, alternaria, and ascochyta with Lance WDG. With the active ingredient Boscalid (Group 7), Lance offers proactive disease control for canola and pulse crops.

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Active Ingredient: Boscalid – Group 7

Crops: Canola, alfalfa, lentils, faba beans, peas

Diseases treated: Sclerotinia, alternaria, aschochyta blight, mycosphaerella blight, grey mould, blossom blight, common leaf spot, spring black stem, and leaf spot.

Size: 2.83kg jugs

Acres Treated: 16-20ac/jug depending on crop and rate

Product Condition: New, unopened jugs.

Programming Perks: Lance purchases made after October 1st, 2023 will qualify growers for the 2024 BASF Ag Rewards program under the broadleaf fungicide segment.

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