Katalyst (0-0-25) is a highly available form of liquid potassium. Using a unique Reacted Carbon Technology, Katalyst has been proven to outperform other potassium products with significantly better leaf penetration and root uptake. Improved potassium uptake means healthier crops and a higher yield potential.

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Guaranteed Analysis: 0-0-25

Ingredients: Potash derived from potassium hydroxide and humic substances dervied from leonardite.

Crops: All crops

Product information: Katalyst can be applied to most field and row crops, including forages. The product can be applied as a foliar spray, injected into the soil, or run through irrigation systems.

Size: 10L Pail

Application Rate: 0.8-3.23L/ac when applied as a foliar spray

Acres Treated: 3-12.5ac/pail

Product Condition: New, unopened pails.