Inferno Trio


A powerful combination of flucarbazone, florasulam and carfentrazone provides enhanced and extended control of hard-to-kill grass and broadleaf weeds, including Group 1-resistant wild oat, Group 2-resistant kochia, cleavers, wild buckwheat and Roundup Ready canola volunteers.

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Active Ingredients: Flucarbazone – Group 2, Florasulam – Group 2, Carfentrazone – Group 14

Crops: PRE-SEED Wheat

Weeds Controlled: Kochia, wild oats, cleavers, dandelion, flixweed, green foxtail, hempnettle, volunteer canola, and more.

Size: 3.24L jug

Acres Treated: 80ac/jug

Product Condition: Good, new and unopened condition.

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