Inferno Duo


NFERNO DUO takes burndown to the next level. Two active ingredients working together with glyphosate make INFERNO DUO extremely effective in controlling hard-to-kill weeds like dandelion, hawk’s beard, foxtail barley and Roundup Ready canola. Plus, INFERNO DUO’s residual flushing control gives you long-lasting control of grassy weeds like group 1 resistant wild oats and green foxtail.

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Active Ingredients: Flucarbazone – Group 2, Tribenuron – Group 2

Crops: PRE-SEED Wheat

Weeds Controlled: Wild oats, volunteer canola, narrow-leaved hawk’s beard, shepherds purse, dandelion, cow cockle and foxtail barley.

Size: 4 x 254.5g pouches within a container

Acres Treated: 80ac/container

Product Condition: New, unopened containers. There is wear and tear on the boxes but the product within is not affected.

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