Harmony K


Harmony K is an all-in-one weed solution that tackles both grass and broadleaf weeds. With multiple actives, Harmony K is effective on group 2 resistant kochia and other hard to kill weeds like Canada thistle, narrow-leaved hawks beard, and volunteer canola.

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Active Ingredients: Thifensulfuron – Group 2, Tribenuron – Group 2, Dicamba – Group 4, Clodinafop – Group 1

Crops: Wheat, Durum

Timing: In-Crop at the 2-5 leaf stage

Weeds Controlled: Wild oats, green foxtail, barnyard grass, canada thistle, chickweed, cleavers, cow cockle, dandelion, smartweed, hemp-nettle, kochia, lambs-quarters, narrow-leaved hawks beard, redroot pigweed, round-leaved mallow, scentless chamomile, shepherds purse, volunteer canola, wild buckwheat, and more.

Size: A case contains 1 x 2.1kg jug of DB 8454 and 1 x 7.2L jug of Harmony Grass

Acres Treated: 40ac/case

Product Condition: Unopened jugs.

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