Express Toss-N-Go


EXPRESS Toss-N-Go Dry Flowable 75 % Herbicide provides control of select broad-leaved weeds in spring planted wheat (including durum) and barley. It is not registered for use on lawns, but would control broadleaves in grass areas as well.

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Active Ingredients: Tribenuron – Group 2

Crops: Barley and wheat are on label. Since registration, other products with the same active and rates also had the following crops registered: canaryseed, fabas, oats, peas, alfalfa, alsike clover, bromegrass, creeping red fescue, red clover, and timothy. In fall, canola, flax, and lentils are also under other product registrations.

Timing: Fall or pre-seed

Weeds Controlled: When mixed with 180g of glyphosate – dandelion, narrow-leaved hawks beard, volunteer canola, and more.

Size: 4 x 80g water soluble bags

Acres Treated: At 4g/ac a bag treats 80ac

Product Condition: Unopened bags.