Boost your pre-seed burnoff with the flexibility and performance of Aim® EC herbicide. The Group 14 mode-of-action of Aim EC herbicide controls resistant broadleaf weeds and keeps cropping options open, so you can seed a wide variety of crops after application, including canola, pulses (including lentils) and cereals.

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Active Ingredients: Carfentrazone – Group 14

Crops: PRE-SEED All Crops

Weeds Controlled: Lamb’s quarters, redroot pigweed, waterhemp, flixweed, purslane, round-leaved mallow, stinkweed, kochia, volunteer canola, and more.

Size: 1.2L jug with approximately 1L in the jug*

Rate: 14.6 to 47.3mL/ac

Product Condition: In the warehouse, the jug was accidentally dropped causing a minor spill with some scuffing, leaving roughly 80% of the product inside.

Programming Perks: Aim purchased before November 1st, 2023 will qualify as a Purchase Level Builder in the 2023 FMC Cashback program.

*To minimize further handling, we haven’t precisely measured the chemical; instead, we’ve provided an estimated quantity.

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